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SOLD OUT – Jarrod Dickenson – Unplugged & Distilled

Date and Time:

November 30, 2019 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Events Location:

Prohibition Recording Studios, 24a Arrad Street, Liverpool, L7 7BP, United Kingdom

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About The Events

– An Intimate Evening of Songs & Spirits –

The Show

A tour is a living, breathing organism. Each one is unique, with its own look, personality and name. The same can be said of songs. They each have their own identity, their own heartbeat. Some push, while others pull. Some are tender, where others are piercing. They all tell their own story and have their own truth.

For this tour, we’ve decided to strip everything away, leaving only the song in its most primitive, raw and honest state. We won’t be bringing a band, or electric guitars, or much electricity at all, for that matter. We will bring two voices, a few acoustic instruments and one big, sexy microphone to crowd around while we sing. We’ll be playing some new songs, some old favourites and some that were written by people whom I greatly admire, and you’ll hear all of these songs presented in the manner in which they were written – Unplugged.

We’ve handpicked very intimate rooms for this tour that we believe will fit the aesthetic of the show, and enhance the overall experience for you, the attendee. This does, however, mean that space will be limited, so if you wish to attend, act swiftly and accordingly.

The Spirits

Whisky has fueled the creation and presentation of songs since the very first batch was Distilled long ago. The two have marched arm-in-arm together through the annals of time as friends, as allies, as comrades.

Balcones Distilling was established in my hometown of Waco, Texas in 2008. It began in an old welding shop beneath a bridge, and has quickly grown into a world-class, multi-award-winning distillery; offering some of the tastiest and most interesting whiskies on the market today. 

We have teamed up to offer you an evening of Texas songs and Texas whisky. Each ticket will gain the purchaser entrance into the show, as well as one free dram of Balcones whisky upon arrival. (For this reason, these shows are all 18+)

A Waco-born songwriter paired with a Waco-born distillery – Unplugged & Distilled.

The Artwork

This tour is different from anything we have done previously, and so we wanted this tour’s face to be something special as well. We are thrilled to have joined forces with the supremely talented Irish artist, Mark Reihill to design the artwork for this tour. 

Mark is best known for his work with the famed cocktail bar, The Dead Rabbit in New York City, as well as the award-winning comic book series, ‘Off Girl’. He has also exhibited in official, fully-licensed shows with AMC for The Walking Dead, Fox for American Horror Story and was one of the 50 artists handpicked by CBS to feature in a year-long art exhibition celebrating Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

In addition to being one of the top visual illustrators in the game, Mark is also a devoted music and whisky lover – it’s a match made in heaven.

Consider this your chance, as a fan, to come hear the artist you love perform in an intimate, inner-city studio environment and also discover new, similar and fantastic musicians.

Consider this your chance, as a fan, to come hear the artist you love perform in an intimate, inner-city studio environment and also discover new, similar and fantastic musicians.

This is a unique gig experience that puts you at the heart of the artist’s performance.

A large proportion of the revenue raised from ticket sales is returned to the artists as payment for their talent and musicianship.

Prohibition Recording Studios prides itself in having musical integrity on behalf of ourselves and the artists.

Tickets are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

No under 18s allowed. Doors open at 6.30pm and the show starts at 19:45.

We politely ask all guests to arrive before the start time to ensure performances are not disturbed.

Main Act : Jarrod Dickenson

Support Act: John Jenkins

More Info

Ticket sales end at 12pm on the day of the event – No tickets will be available on the door unless specified by Prohibition Recording Studios. 


Sold Out? Drop us an email on with the subject title ‘SIGN ME UP!’ and we’ll add you to our exclusive events newsletter so you don’t miss out next time.

Note: There is limited seating at the venue – to avoid disappointment, please arrive for the event start time, which coincides with the doors opening. There are steps on entry to the building, so we are very sorry, but unfortunately due to restrictions of the building management we cannot offer a ramp for wheelchair users at this time. There may be a small card processing fee, unfortunately Prohibition Recording Studios cannot control this. We absorb all other fees where possible.

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