Kevin-Galloway-1-1 - Kevin Galloway +// Sarah J- Live at Prohibition Recording Studios

Kevin Galloway +// Sarah J- Live at Prohibition Recording Studios

Date and Time:

November 12, 2022 7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Events Location:

Prohibition Recording Studios, 24a Arrad Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L7 7BP, United Kingdom

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Total Seats: 45
Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

About The Events

“I’m feeling pretty humbled and grateful these days,” says former Uncle Lucius frontman turned celebrated solo artist Kevin Galloway “I’m very comfortable being on my own, and I’m enjoying the more intimate shows and the opportunity to dig into the stories behind the songs. I’ve always gravitated towards songs that I can connect to on a personal level, so this is perfect for me.”

The Austin-American Statesman’s Peter Blackstock described Galloway as “one of Austin’s finest singers. His voice is rich, full of character and versatile; he can swing from an easygoing croon to a full-on soulful shout.” The artist has gained similar acclaim for his songwriting, with the Austin Chronicle, which noted that the artist “salves easy, country-licked melodies that contemplate gentle pleasures.”

Kevin Galloway grew up in Freeport, TX, in the shadow of the chemical cooling towers that were a constant reminder of the industrial accident that had disabled and almost killed his father.

Resettling in Big Sandy as a teenager, Kevin joined his college choir, took a job at the local bank branch, and spent some time as a music minister for his local church.

At 25, he followed his creative muse to Austin. There, he found enthusiastic collaborators in the future members of Uncle Lucius, who soon earned a regional fan base and a reputation as one of Texas’s most celebrated and innovative bands.

Over the next few years, Uncle Lucius’ rousing R&B/blues/country-inflected rock ’n’ roll wowed live crowds across the country and established the band as local heroes in their music-savvy hometown. But after nearly 15 years of musical success and personal camaraderie with Uncle Lucius, Galloway felt that it was time to move on and transition to a solo career. He did so, decisively, with his 2018 solo debut The Change, which expanded on Galloway’s work with his former band while echoing the tradition of the various classic Texas troubadours whose work has inspired him over the years.

For some artists, the prospect of leaving the comfort of an established band might seem a bit reckless. But for Galloway, now a family man with a wife and two young children, making music remains a matter of survival.

“My overall outlook is less self-centred now,” he states, adding, “I’ve quite enjoyed the transition to solo work. I had gotten burned out by album cycles and the ever-spinning wheel. Now, not pushing myself constantly to keep the machine running has led to more freedom and happiness for me. And there are other advantages to solo decision-making, as opposed to an all out democracy. I’ve grown more confident in my abilities, and more mature in my handling of the ups and downs.

“I can’t really tell if my approach to the music has really changed,” he concludes. “But I realized long ago that I’m at my best when I pay attention to inspiration and feeling, and just let everything unfold on its own.”

Supporting Kevin will be the fantastic Sarah J! 

311004160_3347699725470393_698728128797262315_n - Kevin Galloway +// Sarah J- Live at Prohibition Recording Studios

Sarah J is an unsigned singer/songwriter and musician from Liverpool. Sarah has supported acts such as Owen Paul, The South and Blair Dunlop. Sarah recently released her third single ‘Days We’ll Never Let Go’ which is the third single from her E.P due to be released in 2023!

Consider this your chance, as a fan, to come hear the artist you love perform in an intimate, inner-city studio environment and also discover new, similar and fantastic musicians.

This is a unique gig experience that puts you at the heart of the artist’s performance.

A large proportion of the revenue raised from ticket sales is returned to the artists as payment for their talent and musicianship.

Prohibition Recording Studios prides itself in having musical integrity on behalf of ourselves and the artists.

Tickets are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

No under 18s allowed.

Doors open at 19:00 and the show starts shortly after.

We politely ask all guests to arrive before the start time to ensure performances are not disturbed.

Main Act: Kevin Galloway

Support Act: Sarah J

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Ticket sales end at 12pm on the day of the event – No tickets will be available on the door unless specified by Prohibition Recording Studios. 


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Note: There is limited seating at the venue – to avoid disappointment, please arrive for the event start time, which coincides with the doors opening. There are steps on entry to the building, so we are very sorry, but unfortunately due to restrictions of the building management we cannot offer a ramp for wheelchair users at this time. Ticket fees are added to the ticket price, unfortunately Prohibition Recording Studios cannot control this. We absorb all other fees where possible.

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